Yoga For Healing: Add Yoga To Your Exercise Plan

In my Navy SEAL Shooting book, I wrote a section solely discussing physical fitness and nutrition. I believe those two are essential cornerstones of all my training. Generally speaking, a healthy body is important to anyone.  And included in my exercise plan is Yoga. I allotted a day in my weekly routine just to do Yoga. This is because it offers unique benefits for your mind and body.

Why Include Yoga in Your Training Routine

Yoga can be an integral part of your routine because aside from burning calories and toning muscles, it’s a perfect training for strengthening your core muscles, improves balance and flexibility.

The main body parts that it trains are your abdominal muscles. The poses and stretches will tighten those muscles. Your arms, legs, glutes and back will also benefit from this exercise.

Yoga is not fad in today’s wellness-conscious world it has been around for thousands of years. It’s a Hindu spiritual discipline that includes using different bodily postures with breath control and meditation.

Yoga is a widely practiced exercise program for health and relaxation. It’s a perfect combination of mind and body workout.

Basic Yoga poses and stretches are good for people of all ages and fitness levels. To start training all you need is ample space and a Yoga mat.

Unless you are training to be a Yogi, you don’t have to make Yoga a centerpiece of your training regimen. Your Yoga training is there to complement all other workouts on your routine.

A Guide to Practice Yoga

There are different forms of Yoga but you don’t need to practice every form just to reap its benefits

In a nutshell, here are some tips on how to integrate Yoga to your training:

  • Revise training routine and include a day allotted to Yoga. If you want higher frequency of yoga training you can do it every day in the morning and continue your other training routine later in the day.
  • Start a routine that you can integrate to your overall fitness training.
  • Add sitting meditation to start and/or end your practice. To learn how to meditate, check out my article How to achieve mental focus through meditation.
  • Start off your training for twenty minutes to half an hour. You can work your way up to 1 hour to 1 ½ hour of training session as long as you go along. After that you can proceed to sitting meditation.

Keep your routine simple, you can just add more poses as soon as you get more experience. Once you’ve fully integrated yoga to your exercise plan you will add another dimensions to your training. You will have a spiritual aspect of it. This aspect is often overlooked by most people. With yoga you now have a more complete training.

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