Chris Sajnog provides tips on how to improve your vision.

Eye Exercises For Improving Vision By A Retired Navy SEAL

Hey guys, what’s going on, I am Chris Sajnog, retired Navy Seal and founder of The New Rules of Marksmanship training system. In this video, I just want to give you a few eye exercises for improving vision you can do to help improve your shooting

Your eyes are made out of tissue fluid and muscle just like the rest of your body. Just like the rest of your body, if you don’t exercise it, it’s gonna start deteriorating. You don’t want that because you need to be able to focus on your front sight when you’re shooting.

Here are a few exercises that you can do no matter where you are. Even if you don’t have a front sight focus string as I sell online. Yes, that was a shameless plug to buy one of my products. 

Rinse Your Eyes

Let’s go ahead and start off with the first thing that I do every morning. I rinse my eyes with warm water. You actually have ducts in your eyes that create an oil that helps you be able to focus your eyes and keep your eyes lubricated. 

I’ve shared this with my online members. Many of them have said that this alone has changed their vision and improved it throughout the rest of the day. So each morning, you wake up, go ahead and try it out.

Chris Sajnog demonstrates how to rinse your eyes with warm water.

The next thing you’re going to do is get yourself a pen or a pencil. You just want to do some drills where you’re going to work on your eye movements. 

The first thing you want to do is just put it out at arm’s length in front of you. Then you want to bring it slowly closer to your eyes while keeping a focus on it. This is going to work on the movement of your eye

Eye Circles

Now the next thing in these eye exercises for improving vision is you can do eye circles. Rather than just randomly moving your eyes around, it’s best to track something because that’s what you want to teach your eyes to do. 

You don’t want to teach them to just randomly move around. You’d want to teach them to track something like a moving target or a threat. 

You can change directions. Start speeding it up and you can do different things. You can do this anywhere. If you’re at work, and you don’t have any work to do, grab a pen, and do some eye exercises. 


Shifting Focus

Now the last one, all I want to do now is I want to work on shifting my focus from near to far and back. Just like everything I teach, this isn’t a matter of speed. I’m not trying to do it as best I can, I’m trying to do it as perfectly as I can

Take an object and place it a foot or two from your eyes and focus your best on it, then switch to look at something far in the distance, and focus your best on that as well. Then switch back and repeat. 

Those are three exercises. You can do anything with anything as long as you have something to focus on. Remember to warm up your eyes every morning. I think you’re gonna find a lot of benefits just from that alone. 

Bonus Tips

I’ve got a few bonus tips for you that I’m gonna throw out there:

  1. Get some sunlight into your eyeballs. I’m not talking about going out and getting snow blindness or anything like that. If you’re always wearing sunglasses that’s going to actually hamper your vision
  2. Drink a green smoothie every day. The stuff in a green smoothie like kale and spinach is great for your eyesight. If you do it over a long period of time, it’s going to help the health of your eyes and therefore help your vision. 

So that is it for today’s eye exercises for improving vision. I hope this has helped you and until next time Keep paving your path to perfection.

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