Chris Sajnog offers advice on how to live a warrior's life.

Warrior Lifestyles: How Can I Live Like a Warrior?

Hi, I’m retired Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog, author of Navy SEAL Shooting, and one of the top 20 most frequently asked questions I get is, “How can I live like a warrior.” In this post, I want to share these warrior lifestyles to help you to live like a warrior.

What does it mean to live like a warrior? Well, what I’m talking about is not actually going into battle and being in a war, it just means living a life like a warrior.


So number one on my list is what I call taking your meds. When I say taking your meds, I’m talking about meditation, exercise, diet, and sleep. These are all things that are critical to helping you live like a warrior. 

I’ve got other posts and videos out there that you can watch on all of this. Take your meds each and every day, and it’s going to help you live like a warrior. 

Chris Sajnog advices to always take your MEDS.

Build Habits

Number two is simply building habits or routines and making them into rituals. We’re creatures of habits, we’ve all heard that. You want to make things a habit because we are our habits. Think about what you want to instill and what you want to do in your life and make those habits. Plan them out and do them every single day

Find A Mentor

Number three in these warrior lifestyles is to find a mentor. Just find somebody you can model and look at what they do. Following whatever they do is going to help you live more like a warrior. 

I’d be honored to be your mentor. But it doesn’t have to be me, it just needs to be somebody you look up to. That’s going to help you live like a warrior.


Be Vulnerable

Number four is to allow yourself to be vulnerable. I know this may not make too much sense right now, but if you think about what vulnerability is, you’ll know it’ll help. Vulnerability is telling somebody you love them, that can be hard to do. You have to open yourself up

A lot of people are scared to do that because they’re afraid of getting hurt. Being vulnerable could be speaking in front of a large audience and being embarrassed. You have to put yourself out there. The more you put yourself out there, the more confident you’re going to be

Keep Your Promises

Number five is to simply keep promises to yourself. Your words should be your bond. We make these little micro-commitments to ourselves each and every day. Then we break these promises. 

These broken promises we make to ourselves weigh down on us and they weigh down on us so much that we’re not allowing ourselves to live the lives we want to live. So keep promises to yourself, and it’s gonna help you so much in living like a warrior. 

That is it for today’s FAQ. Practice these warrior lifestyles to live like a warrior. Please check out my other 19 five and under-five FAQ posts and videos to continue paving your path to perfection.

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