Wim Hof method and its benefits

Have you ever wondered what makes Navy SEALs some of the toughest and most adaptive people on earth? Part of this toughness and mentality comes with proper training. You can do more than you think and while you may not have to go through rigorous Navy seal training, the Wim Hof video course method is a step-by-step video series to help you become a better version of yourself.

The Wim Hof Method can help you boost your immune system, obtain more energy, use ancient and proven health techniques to improve your metabolism and health, use cold therapy to sleep better and feel more energized and more. As a retired US Navy seal I can verify that many of these practises are somewhat similar to the same practices utilized by Army trainers for many years. Cold therapy is not only a practice that is used to intensify training but it offers proven results with finding inner power.

Navy seals have to embrace nature and adapt to survive in whatever environment they are thrown into. Wim Hof Method is a program that can help any regular individual to achieve the same level of adaptation.

The Wim Hof Method was developed by Wim Hof who strongly believes that humans in general have lost their ability to adapt to environments with the comforts of modern technology and garment technology. Because we constantly are able to control the temperature, it is difficult for our body to receive the same stimulation and to adapt to environments in the same way.

With cold therapy, breathing techniques and a commitment to quality breathing and getting into touch with your natural physiology, you can return to an improved sense of being. Combining these principles together can grant you a huge sense of energy, and ability to recover faster, better sleeping habits, increases in athletic performance and overall stress reduction benefits.

The Wim Hof Method is a revolutionary program that has improved my life considerably as a Navy seal and now as a retired navy seal. I find that I still continue to have more energy than my peers, I stay in great health and I have been able to retain my fitness even after retiring!

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