Understanding the Abs

Since the explosion of media, society has perceived the abdomen or famously known as abs as a symbol of beauty. Well, not all forms of abs. We all know the kind of abs that both men and women aspire to achieve. The well-sculpted 6-pack abs. Looks like the media has feed us made-up perception to idolize this part of the body like a piece of meat, void of the deeper understanding of its importance beyond aesthetics.  So, let’s talk about abs.

Why Train Your Abs

Rectus abdominis or abs is the large muscle that lies in just below the rib cage and above the pelvis. It’s a long area in our body that is broken to several sections.

If you train this area of your body you will strengthen your bones and muscles of the back. A strengthened midsection takes weight and pressure of your back.

Core exercises also stimulate an area of the brain that links body parts coordination, spatial awareness and balance. You are not just training your core, you are also doing brain workout.


As your metabolism slows you are more likely to end up with a fat belly since your midsection finds it harder to burn fats in that area. To keep your muscles well-toned and lean train your core with the right exercises. Some of the best core exercises include planks, crunches and bicycle.

Cardio is important to lose those belly fat. Cardio exercises usually burn a lot of body fat and at the same time keeps your heart healthy.  High intensity workouts with short rest in between routines can be more effective. Exercises for this include running, cycling, jogging, swimming and boxing.

Don’t work out your abs alone. The ideal workout does not aim to train just your core. Include strengthening your shoulders, back, arms, triceps, and legs. It’s not all about the six-pack.

Food And Nutrition

Working out is essential for abdominal training but a healthy diet is also important. If you are eating unhealthy food it is very unlikely to achieve a fit fighter abs.

Eat whole grains because they are rich in fiber and they are slow to digest. Examples of carb-rich food are oats, whole wheat and brown rice.

Proteins also play a big role in building muscle. Start your day by eating protein-rich food in breakfast. You can eat bacon, egg whites and yogurt for your protein needs.

Avoid too much processed foods because they have a lot of sugar, fat and very little nutrients. Eat natural instead like fruits and vegetables.

Lastly, give yourself proper hydration. You need this because taking a lot of water helps in enhancing your metabolism. Avoid carbonated drinks because they contain a lot of sugar.

Train for Fitness, Not the 6-pack

You can train your core muscles without any equipment and even with little time. Your core muscles are important just like every part of your body. Don’t be obsessed with having a 6-pack abs just gain approval of people. It should not be the destination.

Your mentality should focus on training to be the fittest that you can be. Remember that having a well-toned abdomen is just a by-product of a physically fit body.

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