Chris Sajnog's power of presence makes learning anything easier.

The Power of Presence – Learn Anything Easier

When most of us are training, practicing, or performing a crucial skill in our lives, most of us are either living in the past and thinking about how we performed in the past, or we’re looking into the future and wondering how are we going to do and what’s going to happen in the future. Rather than being in the present moment where we can actually affect some change. Now, I will share with you the power of presence in our lives.

Being Present In The Moment

Let’s say you’re playing golf, and you are not present in the moment of that swing. You have no control over what’s going to happen. If you’re thinking about the last shot you made, if you’re thinking about two holes down, and what’s going to happen. The instant that the club makes contact with the ball, you have no control over what’s going to happen.

Let me be clear, if you are not keenly aware of what is happening, at this instant, you have zero control over the outcome. 

According to Chris Sajnog, you have no control over the outcome.

Learning To Be Present

But, learning to be present is really easy. All you need to do is meditate. Meditating is also very easy. Close your eyes and focus on one thing,

Knowing the power of presence in our lives is important. Your conscious mind can only focus on one thing at a time. But your subconscious can literally focus on hundreds of things. It can track hundreds of things that are going on around you. Every cell in your body has consciousness, it can give you vital information that can help you.

That’s what meditating does. It helps you tap into your subconscious mind. So you can live in the present moment and get better at everything you do. As I said, meditation is really simple. The problem most of us have is that we overthink it.

We think it’s more complicated than it needs to be. Plus, it’s kind of hard to get feedback on whether you’re doing it right. The thing is, you really don’t need feedback. If you sit with your eyes closed and listen, focus on one thing, and learn to control your thoughts, you are meditating.

If you have a problem with the word meditation, call it something else. Call it brain performance training. It’s going to help you and it’s going to teach you to be present in every moment of your life. Learning to be present will not just make you better at one skill. Learning the power of presence is going to make you better at life.

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