Chris Sajnog teaches Navy SEAL training.

How to Train Like a Navy S.E.A.L.

Hey guys, what’s going on, retired Navy Seal Chris Sajnog here, founder of The New Rules of Marksmanship training system. In this post, I’m going to teach you how to train like a Navy SEAL. Now let’s go ahead and get started.

When it comes to firearms training, I’ve found that many people seem to have the whole process backward. So I want to try to teach you the proper way to train.  Those three things are education, equipment, and experience.

#1 Education

The first thing is education. Before you go out and buy your gun, there’s a lot you can learn about the types of guns you might need. Or maybe if you even need a gun at all. 

Chris Sajnog demonstrates mind-training techniques.

That is critical. Because if you just go buy a gun, it may not be what you need, and you may be wasting time and money in doing that. 

The next thing you want to do with that education is to train your mind. So I am talking about meditation, visualization, and positive thinking. You want to make sure that your mind and your body are prepared for when you do decide to get a firearm and start training. 

#2 Equipment

So next up in how to train like a Navy SEAL is your equipment. Now you’re going to go get your gun, and you’re going to start working with that and training properly. Hopefully, you’re using the New Rules of Marksmanship training system to do that.

This is also when you’re going to start working with your gear and different communications equipment. All these different pieces of equipment are going to help you to be able to do your job correctly. 

Chris Sajnog recommends using his training system as training equipment.

#3 Experience

The last one now is experience. You’ve got your education and your equipment, but now you need some experience. This can come from situational training or real-world experience. Obviously, you do this at the end of this whole cycle. 

So again, make sure you get your education, then you get your equipment, and then go out there and get some experience. Those are the three things to know how to train like a Navy SEAL. I hope this has helped you out and until next time, keep paving your path to perfection.

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