How To Start Meditation And Make It A Daily Practice

Have you always wanted to integrate meditation in your daily life but your busy schedule is preventing you from practicing meditation? It is common for meditation practitioners to fall into the trap of failing to start meditating and not doing this regularly. Or they are able to start practicing but stop after a while.

In this article, we will help you develop the habit of meditating daily so you can fully reap its benefits.  Check out our previous article, How to Achieve Mental Focus Through Meditation, to know more about the benefits of meditation.

Integrating Meditation to Your Daily Routine 

To integrate meditation in your daily life, you should first view meditation as a way of life. If you find yourself finding it hard to make time even just for a couple of minutes a day. Then you don’t view meditation seriously.

You should view yourself as a meditation practitioner. When you have this mindset you have a solid motivation to practice meditation. You will exert more effort to make time for meditating. You will take every session by the heart.

Remember that if you give in to your busy lifestyle, you will rob yourself of the chance to integrate a meditative lifestyle and maximize the benefits that you reap from it.

You Can Meditate Everywhere

Meditation is simply clearing the mind of distractions so you can focus. Although it is suggested that you meditate in a place of solitude it is not a requirement to be able to meditate.

Whether you are waiting in line, while on the train, or riding the bus, you can meditate everywhere. All you need is to become completely present. Be conscious of your breathing and start counting your breath.

Doing meditation as a daily practice isn't easy but can be done.

Another way to meditate is to be aware of the activities going on around you at this moment. Start doing things with awareness. Avoid going into “auto-pilot” where a train of thoughts distract you from the present activities you are doing. Once you practice this mindfulness you will realize that you are actually meditating.

Tips For A Succesful Daily Meditation 

Here are some tips so you can sustain your meditation practice.

  1. You can use different apps that can help you schedule your meditation sessions and they also help in tracking your meditation sessions.
  2. Create a daily routine when meditating. Decide if you want to meditate right before starting your day or before sleeping or both then keep meditating during the same period of the day every day to program your body to make it a habit. Also, try to keep meditating on the same area and position.
  3. If you have a tight schedule start with a few minutes. You can start with two minutes a day then increase it to 5 minutes, continue to gradually increase according to your available time.
  4. Use guided meditation, you can start meditating without the hassle. The advantage of guided meditation is someone can help you during your meditation process. Check out our article, Introduction to Guided Meditation.

Integrating meditation to your daily life should not be hard. Keep in mind that meditating is a way of life. You know how essential it is to your life, therefore, take action to integrate and sustain your practice.

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