How To Start A Paleo Diet The Right Way

As a retired navy seal I keep myself in good shape. The last thing I wanted to do was let my fitness go after I retired. Paleo fitness is a diet solution that has helped me to retain my shape even as I age and today I’m going to show you how you can start a paleo diet.

When I was an active Navy seal, I was instructed about the benefits of eating a clean diet that was free of a number of sugars, preservatives and more. Eating a clean diet of natural items has really helped me to retain my maximum energy while staying fit. I strongly urge anyone that eats heavily processed foods and frozen dinners often to consider this diet as it can change your life. Here are some top strategies that you can use to start eating a Paleo diet like I do:

1. Clear Out Food Items

Clearing out your pantry of a variety of food items which can be destructive to your diet is important. Get rid of easy snacks, frozen dinners and items which contain heavy preservatives. Switching to a natural diet takes time and eliminating the temptation to eat food that is bad for you is a great idea.

2. Get Coconut Oil

Recommended coconut oil to add to your paleo diet meals

I use coconut oil for cooking most of the cooking that I do. It’s a relatively healthy alternative to using butter or heavy fats. Olive oil and avocado oil are usually okay as food additives but they don’t work well for cooking. A container of coconut oil can really make the process of eating Paleo much simpler.

3. Get a Freezer

Ideally you will be eating a lot of meat and animal proteins on a Paleo diet. While it is important to eat as much meat as you can buy before freezing it, a freezer can help to save you money and load up when there are great sales. Wild game is preferable to meet in proteins which contain extra fat or other growth additives. If you do your own hunting, portion out the meat into meals and then freeze it for easy cooking.

4. Remove Legumes, Cereal And Grains

Cut out cereal, bread, legumes and more. It even important to consider cutting out peanuts, navy beans, black beans and more. Removing Legumes and grains from your diet may seem like a way that you can cut your energy levels but it will only help you to improve your fitness and energy levels. Don’t fall into the temptation of eating them once you get started cutting them out.

5. Don’t Stress About Meal Times

One of the biggest things I learned in active service is to eat when you are hungry. Find a rhythm of what feels natural for your body. Your body will eat when it is hungry. If you don’t feel like eating a meal, don’t be afraid to skip one as long as your energy levels remain.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind, they should give you a basic idea on how to start a paleo diet. Remember that this diet can help strengthen your metabolism, improve your immune system and generate an impact on your energy levels for the future!

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