Chris Sajnog as a Coach, Instructor, or Guru

Chris Sajnog – Call me a Coach, an Instructor, or a Guru

Hi, I’m Chris Sajnog. Call me a Coach, an Instructor, or a Guru. I’m not a shooter. I’m not a firearms instructor. What I am is a trainer. There are a lot of comments that I see online about my videos and my posts. People are always asking, why are there no videos of this guy shooting, almost calling me out.

My Purpose

People say, “If this guy can’t shoot, he can’t teach me anything.” That’s exactly what I do. That is what I’m good at. I’m a trainer. I am Chris Sajnog. My skill is teaching others to be the best that they can be at whatever skill that they want to get good at.

Chris Sajnog tells his purpose as a trainer.

So to get better at my skill, I need to teach others. That is what I do. That is what I study day and night. My life is teaching others, it’s not shooting. It used to be shooting, but it’s not now. It’s peak performance. It is getting people to where they want to go as fast as possible.

Making YOU Better

Listen, it does not bother me if people say they’re a better shooter than me or think they can shoot better than me or want to have some type of shooting competition with me. In fact, if you’re one of my students, I am hoping and praying and doing everything I can to make sure that you shoot better than me

That is my goal in life. Making people better than me was my job. When I was in the SEAL teams, I was a good shooter. In fact, when the Navy hand-selected me to write the SEAL sniper manual, I don’t think they did it because of my extremely good looks. 

They did it because I was a pretty good shooter and I was able to teach people how to shoot. If you want to watch a great shooter shoot, that is fine. It’s fun to watch if that’s what you’re into.

This is Chris Sajnog, and I’ll tell you this, it is never going to make you a better shooter to simply watch somebody else shoot. It can be entertaining, but it’s not going to make you better. If you want to get better at anything in your life. You need to find a great teacher.

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