This site is run by retired Navy SEAL, Dr. Chris Sajnog, Sc.D. to provide you with science-based tools you can use to learn and live like a warrior. With proper training, diet and mental attitude you will achieve anything! With today’s science and technology we can hack our bodies and brains to produce outstanding results in all areas of our lives.

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Words from fellow Warriors

"I was frustrated with my lack of progression in general. It seemed like no mater what I did it wasn't enough. I thought I had hit the ceiling. After finding Chris's teachings the whole way I looked at life transformed. A total paradigm shift, my relationships improved, my health got better and I can finally say that I'm proud of myself."
Ericson Jenkins
"I had been out there for a while and I known a few over the years but nobody had the same passion and interest for his tribe as Chris. The real world practical exercises really helped me re-integrate something that was lost. After reading the first article it became a habit. I was feeding my mind everyday and my surroundings kept changing, kept changing. Now when I look back I can't recognize myself."
Harvey Webb
"It's surprising how simple it is to change. We are tempted to say "Oh! going to bed on time, that's simple, I need something that would really make me a better person" but are we doing it? If there's one thing I learned from Chris it's that the simple things are the ones that matter. One by one they become the domino effect that change how we act."
Reece Reynolds
Electrical Engineer

Chris Sajnog

Hi! I’m Dr. Chris Sajnog, Sc.D., retired Navy SEAL Chief, Best-Selling author, husband, and father of two amazing sons. I have 20 years of experience as a Navy SEAL, a master’s degree in Health and Human Performance, and most recently, a doctorate in Applied Educational Neuroscience.

After retiring in 2009, I started teaching law enforcement and civilians how to shoot. It quickly became apparent that the techniques I used to teach Navy SEALs were not working. It was then that I realized it wasn’t WHAT I was teaching—It was WHO I was teaching. In the SEAL Teams, I was teaching warriors who were primed to learn. I knew that if I could teach people how to learn and live like warriors, they could learn anything.

Through four years of studying neuroscience, accelerated education, meditation, health, and fitness, Navy Seal Mind And Body was born. YOU are the weapon, and a firearm (or golf club, pen, camera, etc.) is just a tool a warrior can choose to use along your path.

Walking the Warrior’s path is an arduous one, but it offers great rewards. I’m here to walk this path alongside you.

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