Navy SEAL Chris Sajnog giving tips on aiming a pistol

Pistol Aiming Tips – Sight Alignment vs Trigger Control

Hey guys, what is going on, Chris Sajnog here, retired Navy Seal and founder of the SEAL training system. In this post, I want to teach you pistol aiming tips on why sight alignment is more critical than trigger control. Now let’s go ahead and get started.

One of the most interesting debates that I see going on online is the debate between what’s more important, trigger control or is it sight alignment? I believe and I hope to show you with some evidence here that sight alignment is always going to be more important than trigger control. 

Trigger Control

The best way I can explain this trigger control is to imagine you had a pistol pointed nowhere near your desired target. And you say,  “I’m going to caress this trigger so perfectly, it will make me hit my target.”  But of course, you miss. 

How can that be? You practiced perfect trigger control. You manipulated that trigger so nicely. Well, the reason you missed is that your sights were not aimed at your target properly. 

Different errors in aiming a pistol

Sight Alignment

The best way that I can explain this pistol aiming tips about sight alignment is to imagine you put your gun in a vise and crank down the vise. So no matter what happens, those sights cannot move. 

Now with your sight perfectly aligned, you could take a stick from 10 feet away and just poke at the trigger until the gun goes bang. Because these sights are perfectly aligned, and they’re not moving, I am going to hit my target.

Proper Sight Alignment

With trigger manipulation, you will miss your target. With proper sight alignment, you can do whatever you want to that trigger, but you will hit your target. What matters is that your sights are aligned.

Let’s say, as you pull the trigger, your gun moves for whatever reason. So as you press back, the gun is moving, and your sights become unaligned.

As soon as your sights become unaligned, you have a much less likely chance of hitting your target. So it doesn’t matter whether it’s from your trigger finger or from any other reason, your grip, what’s important is your sight alignment.

How to Pull the Trigger?

I teach people how to pull the trigger with their eyes. It may sound kind of silly at first, but what I mean is when I’m going to shoot, I am using my eyes, obviously, to make sure that my sights are aligned. 

I’ve trained so much that my eyes are subconsciously telling my mind. “Alright, the sights are perfectly aligned.” When my mind hears that, it subconsciously tells my finger that it’s safe to shoot.

Alright, that is it for today. Hopefully, these pistol aiming tips has taught you the importance of sight alignment over trigger control. If you don’t believe it, go to a range and test it out yourself. I hope this has helped you out and until next time, keep paving your path to perfection.

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